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Special Valve Jiangsu Fluid Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Special valve was founded in 1993 in Funing County, Jiangsu Province, which has the title of "the hometown of valves in China". Now it is located in Funing County Economic Development Zone. It has two factories with a total area of more than 70 mu and a construction area of 40000 square meters. Is a self import and export rights, set research, manufacturing, sales, service in one of the modern professional fluid machinery manufacturing company...

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Industry Application

TF-LOK focuses on valve manufacturing and is widely used in various industries


The company has perfect valve design and manufacturing technology and professional laboratory, all kinds of precision testing equipment

  • 锻钢止回阀
  • 锻钢止回阀
  • 锻钢截止阀
  • 锻钢截止阀
  • 锻钢截止阀
  • 仪表阀
  • 仪表阀
  • 仪表阀
  • 锻钢止回阀
  • 锻钢止回阀


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